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  • How to guarantee the precison of CNC machining products

    CNC machining refers to machining with CNC machining tools. In CNC lathe processing and production, precision control has an important impact on product quality. The machining accuracy depends on the mechanical accuracy, programming accuracy, servo accuracy, and difference compensation accuracy. In order to improve the machining accuracy of CNC lathes, CAD design and computer simulation technology can effectively improve the machining accuracy of CNC lathes in the design stage. Strengthening the maintenance of the machine during use can effectively ensure the high-precision state of the CNC lathe.How to improve the precision of CNC machining lathe?1. Improve the design levelAt present, the CNC machining lathes we commonly use are mainly domestic CNC lathes. CNC machining manufacturer basically has some independent research and development capabilities. They can design, manufacture, and improve the main components of their products. The functional parts of this CNC lathe need to be purchased separately. The closed-eye machine tool usually normalizes the local stress during processing, causing large deformation and affecting the processing accuracy.The machining accuracy of most machine tools is mainly influenced by the wear resistance of the main shaft and the temperature increase. Therefore, the temperature characteristics can be optimized according to the parts produced and processed, and the machining accuracy can be effectively maintained. The design method of the general machine tool spindle system is to install the core structural parts that have an impact on the machining accuracy on the mounting surface that intersects the spindle as the center and is perpendicular to the machine base, and install additional structural parts symmetrically on both sides of the spindle box, thereby effectively Improve machining accuracy.2. Improve the geometric accuracy of CNC lathe machiningThe geometric accuracy of CNC lathes is the core condition of CNC lathe processing and production accuracy. Therefore, in the design of machinery manufacturing enterprises, the working accuracy of the machine must be set reasonably and the appropriate processing load must be selected. When cnc machining china lathes process parts, the friction between the main journal and the bearing will cause the temperature to rise, and a large error with the spatial position of the box hole on the main shaft box will cause the bearing to deform and seriously affect the rotation accuracy of the bearing. Therefore, the optional clearance of the spindle bearing is strictly controlled. The time required for a CNC lathe to process a part runs at a high load. General machinery manufacturers use inlaid steel sliding guide rails to improve the rigidity and accuracy of the machine. This structure enables CNC lathes to have the highest geometric accuracy.3. Improve comprehensive processing accuracyFrom design to manufacturing, assembly, and use of programming instructions, the machining accuracy control of precision cnc machining services is a comprehensive system problem, rather than obtaining high machining accuracy by controlling single or specific values. In the manufacturing environment, it is necessary to fully consider the factors that affect the mechanical accuracy in the manufacturing process to eliminate the geometric accuracy changes of various structural parts caused by casting processing and mechanical processing. Then set the compensation value for the CNC system of the CNC lathe to effectively improve the machining accuracy.At present, CNC machine tool equipment is expensive and requires maintenance personnel to have a high level. To improve the processing quality of CNC lathe processing and maintain higher processing accuracy, it is necessary to further improve the production process and continuously improve the design and production capacity. We supply high precision and quality cnc machining services for requesters.

  • High Precision CNC Machining manufacturing with custom material

    Starting business from 2006, Mogel has established itself as a quality supplier in the machinery and plastic injection parts manufacturing industry.We utilise more than 12 years years of experience to provide a vast array of Cnc Machining Services.Our business partners are all over the world.We supply plastic injection moulding and cnc machining service, , , , ect..High Precision CNC Machining manufacturing with custom material and surface finishing is the one of the most popular products among them.High Precision CNC Machining manufacturing with custom material and surface finishing is made of qualified carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper, zinc alloy or based on your requirements.It is mainly used in Automotive,Consumer goods,Medical,Electronics,Telecommunications,Packaging etc. and .It is delicately designed to comply with the industry standard.Every size and shape is available according to client's specific requirements.It is characterised by produce with good raw material, produce through powerful machine, superior capability, multiple available surface finishing , , and ..Due to competitive shipping cost, OEM order, support multiple volume qty order, metal stamping, punching, precision machining, , and , We have an industrial park covering an area of 150 acres, so we can control the production process better. The normal lead time is 40-45 days for tooling fabrication and samples. If the tooling is not required, the lead time for samples is 15 days normally. We provide 100% inspection before shipment. Expert in injection manufacturing and tooling fabrication, we boast over 10 years experience..We use the latest to make this product the most outstanding one in the market.It has passed and .We offer this product with customized services.This product is supplied with a product warranty against defective manufacturing and components.If we have refunds agreements, you will be responsible for the return shipping charges. The balance will be refunded back to you after we receive the items.It is dedicated to ensuring that you receive a top class service, every time. Our client-focus ethos has gained us an excellent reputation within the industry.Our customers have come to recognize us as friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and affordable experts. For more information, check out at our homepage: !

  • Manufacturing process of plastic injection moulding

    Plastics are the most common materials for producing end-use parts and products, for everything from consumer products to medical devices. Plastics are a versatile category of materials, with thousands of polymer options, each with their own specific mechanical properties.Plastic manufacturing processes have been developed to cover a wide range of applications and part geometries. For any designer and engineer working in product development, it is critical to be familiar with the manufacturing options available today and the new developments that signal how parts will be made tomorrow.Plastics often require a deeper knowledge of the plastics manufacturing process than many other manufacturing methods. This is because tooling for plastics is often expensive and plastic parts are not as durable as metal. Good plastic design can reduce mold costs significantly and insure that parts have the proper strength they need.Injection molding manufacturing process:Injection molding is one of the main methods by which parts are manufactured from plastic. The first step in the injection molding process is to feed plastic pellets into the hopper, which then feeds the pellets into the barrel. The barrel is heated and contains a reciprocating screw or a ram injector. A reciprocating screw is typically found in machines that produce smaller parts. The reciprocating screw crushes the pellets, making it easier for the plastic to be liquefied. Toward the front of the barrel, the reciprocating screw propels the liquefied plastic forward, thereby injecting the plastic through a nozzle and into the empty mold. Unlike the barrel, the mold is kept cool to harden the plastic into the correct shape. The mold plates are held closed by a large plate (referred to as a movable platen). The movable platen is attached to a hydraulic piston, which puts pressure on the mold. Clamping the mold shut prevents plastic from leaking out, which would create deformities in the finished pieces.Something You Should Know About Us:Find the best plastic injection molding companies? We have several departments that focus on rapid prototyping services, including injection mold, precision cnc machining services, etc. Our factory has more than 10 years of experience in plastic hardware processing, and our goal is to use our synergy to add value to our customers and grow our business together.

  • The power supply system of sheet metal hardware stamping parts

    Lightning protection and grounding requirements for the power supply system of sheet metal hardware stamping parts? Let senior people in sheet metal parts manufacturer tell you. The power supply equipment of the data center computer room should be satisfied with the rules, specifications and relevant specifications for the lightning shock resistance target. The communication screens and rectifiers of sheet metal hardware stamping equipment should be provided with graded protective equipment.The communication power supply system of hardware stamping sheet metal parts system should use three-phase five-wire power supply. Sheet metal hardware stamping parts system should be equipped with a dedicated UPS, the power line should be metal sheathed or insulated sheathed cable through the steel pipe buried in the data center room, the power cable metal sheath or steel pipe should be firmly grounded at both ends. Low-voltage power cables entering the data center's equipment room should be introduced into the equipment room from the ground. Lightning arresters should be installed at the power cable's entrance into the distribution box of the equipment room. The normal uncharged metal of the power supply equipment of the computer room and the grounding terminal of the lightning arrester should be grounded for maintenance. It is strictly forbidden to perform zero maintenance.In the production of metal stamping parts, reasonable technology is an effective means to reduce costs. Because the rationalization of the process can reduce the cost of molds, save processing time, and reduce material costs, the total cost of parts must be reduced.1. Reduce material costs; 2. Increase production speed; 3. Improve operator safety; 4. Stamping products have high precision and stable performance.In the production of metal stamping parts, there are several methods to prevent or reduce the damage of stamping parts, and usually pay attention to the maintenance of stamping parts. The following 6 methods are suggested.1. For sliding windows with a width exceeding 1 meter, or double-glazed doors and windows, double pulleys or movable pulleys should be used. 2. The models, specifications and functions of the hardware accessories should conform to the current national standards and relevant regulations, and match the selection of plastic steel doors and windows. 3. The sliding support hinge shall not be made of aluminium machining alloy material, but shall be made of stainless steel.4. For installing hardware with fastening screws, a metal lining must be installed inside. The thickness of the lining should be at least twice the tooth pitch of the fastener. Do not fasten to plastic profiles or use non-metallic linings. 5. Hardware accessories should be installed last. Doors and windows locks, handles, etc. should be assembled after the windows and doors are fanned into the frame to ensure accurate positions and flexible switching. 6. Pay attention to maintenance after installation of sheet metal hardware parts to prevent rust and corrosion. In daily use, lightly close and lightly open to prevent hard closing and hard opening, causing damage. There is no noise, there is the current nylon wheel. It is not only no noise when pushed and pulled, but also smoother, lighter, and the service life is not shorter than the various pulleys above. To make the (door) and window normal, stable operation requires the (door) ) Choose a high-quality pulley from the window. Inferior pulley from the surface, the workmanship is relatively rough. There is no smoothness. Sliding is not flexible, small and light.

  • Plastic injection mold maker in china introduces injection molding

    The mold used for plastic injection molding is called an injection mold. An injection mold is a plastic product that can be shaped at one time with complex shapes, high dimensions, or with inserts. plastic injection molding manufacturer point that,"Seven points mold, three points process." For the injection molding, the mold has a great influence on the quality of the molded product. Injection molding is considered to be the most versatile, as it can be used to create a variety of parts, ranging in both size and shape. Injection molding basic principles are fairly simple, but the actual process can be quite complex when it comes to maintaining part consistency. The process involves the injection of melted plastic into a mold, which is made of steel. The mold itself has cavities that will form the parts; once injected, the molten plastic fills the cavities and the rest of the mold. Once cooled, the parts are ejected by pins.Plastic injection molding is a highly reliable solution for producing large numbers of precise, consistent components. It’s also more efficient and cost-effective than other molding styles, in that it produces much less waste. As a result, injection molding is most often used for the manufacture of high-quality parts in high volumes.Type of product made by plastic injection molding service :1.Toys:Imagine a building material which is lightweight, durable, and doesn’t corrode; it comes in many sizes and colors and is designed for easy precise assembly. The Lego brand of building block recognized by all is made of firmer plastic granules which are heated until liquefied and then injected into metal molds in which the plastic cools and solidifies into a studded brick or other shape. But what’s important is that each brick and component is accurately molded so they’ll all fit together. It’s a precision product available in many colors, shapes, and sizes.2. Machinery and automotive components:Bumpers, dashboards, radio controls, cup holders, and many other elements found in cars and transportation vehicles, both interior and exterior, are made by the injection molding process.3. The disadvantages of injection molding:Plastic injection mold maker in China introduce that the major disadvantages of injection molding are the initial costs of the mold design, which tends to be high due to design, testing, and tooling requirements and the longer required lead times. Some custom complex parts may encounter problems during the injection molding process such as warpage or surface defects. Therefore, plastic injection parts must be designed with careful consideration to any change in geometry as they cool and the material selection to assure stability. But except this issue,its deeds outweigh its faults.Several factors influencing injection molding:1. Stress.The first thing we need to know is that the injection pressure is provided by the hydraulic system of the injection system.The pressure of the hydraulic cylinder is transmitted to the plastic melt through the screw of the injection molding machine. Under the pressure of the plastic melt, the plastic melt enters the vertical flow channel of the mold through the nozzle of the injection molding machine (also the mainstream channel for some molds), the mainstream channel, and the split Channel, and enter the mold cavity through the gate, this process is the injection molding process, or called the filling process.The pressure exists to overcome the resistance in the melt flow process, or conversely, the resistance in the flow process needs to be offset by the pressure of the injection molding machine to ensure that the filling process proceeds smoothly.In the injection molding process, the pressure at the nozzle of the injection molding machine is the highest to overcome the flow resistance of the melt throughout. After that, the pressure gradually decreases along the flow length toward the front end of the melt. If the exhaust inside the mold cavity is good, the final pressure at the front end of the melt is atmospheric pressure.2. Temperature.Injection temperature is an important factor affecting injection pressure. The injection molding machine barrel has 5 to 6 heating sections, and each raw material has its proper processing temperature (for detailed processing temperature, please refer to the data provided by the material supplier).The injection temperature must be controlled within a certain range. If the temperature is too low, the melt plasticization will be poor, affecting the quality of the molded parts and increasing the difficulty of the process; if the temperature is too high, the raw materials will be easily decomposed. In the actual injection molding process, the injection temperature is often higher than the barrel temperature, and the higher value is related to the injection rate and the performance of the material, up to 30 ℃.This is due to the fact that the melt is sheared as it passes through the injection port and generates very high heat. There are two ways to compensate for this difference when doing mold flow analysis. One is to try to measure the temperature of the molten metal injection molding, and the other is to include the nozzle during modeling.3. Time.The injection time mentioned here refers to the time required for the plastic melt to fill the cavity, excluding auxiliary time such as mold opening and closing.Although the injection time is very short and has little effect on the molding cycle, the adjustment of the injection time has a great effect on the pressure control of the gate, runner and cavity. Reasonable injection time helps the melt to fill ideally, and it is very important to improve the surface quality of the product and reduce the dimensional tolerance.The injection time is much lower than the cooling time, which is about 1/10 to 1/15 of the cooling time. This rule can be used as the basis for predicting the total molding time of plastic parts.In the mold flow analysis, the injection time in the analysis result is equal to the injection time set in the process conditions only when the melt is completely driven by the rotation of the screw to fill the cavity. If the pressure holding switch of the screw occurs before the cavity is filled, the analysis result will be greater than the setting of the process conditions.4. Maintaining pressure and time.Near the end of the injection molding process, the screw stops rotating and only advances, at which time injection molding enters the pressure holding stage. During the pressure-holding process, the nozzle of the injection molding machine continuously replenishes the cavity to fill the volume vacated by the shrinkage of the parts. If the pressure is not maintained after the cavity is filled, the part will shrink by about 25%, especially the contraction of the ribs due to excessive shrinkage. The holding pressure is generally about 85% of the maximum filling pressure, which of course should be determined according to the actual situation.Mogel company offer high precision custom plastic injection molding and machining parts manufacturing and machining service to requesters, if you have any requirements, please feel free to send us an email.

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