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CNC machining refers to machining with CNC machining tools. In CNC lathe processing and production, precision control has an important impact on product quality. The machining accuracy depends on the mechanical accuracy, programming accuracy, servo accuracy, and difference compensation accuracy. In order to improve the machining accuracy of CNC lathes, CAD design and computer simulation technology can effectively improve the machining accuracy of CNC lathes in the design stage. Strengthening the maintenance of the machine during use can effectively ensure the high-precision state of the CNC lathe.

How to improve the precision of CNC machining lathe?

1. Improve the design level

At present, the CNC machining lathes we commonly use are mainly domestic CNC lathes. CNC machining manufacturer basically has some independent research and development capabilities. They can design, manufacture, and improve the main components of their products. The functional parts of this CNC lathe need to be purchased separately. The closed-eye machine tool usually normalizes the local stress during processing, causing large deformation and affecting the processing accuracy.

The machining accuracy of most machine tools is mainly influenced by the wear resistance of the main shaft and the temperature increase. Therefore, the temperature characteristics can be optimized according to the parts produced and processed, and the machining accuracy can be effectively maintained. The design method of the general machine tool spindle system is to install the core structural parts that have an impact on the machining accuracy on the mounting surface that intersects the spindle as the center and is perpendicular to the machine base, and install additional structural parts symmetrically on both sides of the spindle box, thereby effectively Improve machining accuracy.

2. Improve the geometric accuracy of CNC lathe machining

The geometric accuracy of CNC lathes is the core condition of CNC lathe processing and production accuracy. Therefore, in the design of machinery manufacturing enterprises, the working accuracy of the machine must be set reasonably and the appropriate processing load must be selected. When cnc machining china lathes process parts, the friction between the main journal and the bearing will cause the temperature to rise, and a large error with the spatial position of the box hole on the main shaft box will cause the bearing to deform and seriously affect the rotation accuracy of the bearing. Therefore, the optional clearance of the spindle bearing is strictly controlled. The time required for a CNC lathe to process a part runs at a high load. General machinery manufacturers use inlaid steel sliding guide rails to improve the rigidity and accuracy of the machine. This structure enables CNC lathes to have the highest geometric accuracy.

3. Improve comprehensive processing accuracy

From design to manufacturing, assembly, and use of programming instructions, the machining accuracy control of precision cnc machining services is a comprehensive system problem, rather than obtaining high machining accuracy by controlling single or specific values. In the manufacturing environment, it is necessary to fully consider the factors that affect the mechanical accuracy in the manufacturing process to eliminate the geometric accuracy changes of various structural parts caused by casting processing and mechanical processing. Then set the compensation value for the CNC system of the CNC lathe to effectively improve the machining accuracy.

At present, CNC machine tool equipment is expensive and requires maintenance personnel to have a high level. To improve the processing quality of CNC lathe processing and maintain higher processing accuracy, it is necessary to further improve the production process and continuously improve the design and production capacity. We supply high precision and quality cnc machining services for requesters.

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