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Plastics are the most common materials for producing end-use parts and products, for everything from consumer products to medical devices. Plastics are a versatile category of materials, with thousands of polymer options, each with their own specific mechanical properties.

Plastic manufacturing processes have been developed to cover a wide range of applications and part geometries. For any designer and engineer working in product development, it is critical to be familiar with the manufacturing options available today and the new developments that signal how parts will be made tomorrow.

Plastics often require a deeper knowledge of the plastics manufacturing process than many other manufacturing methods. This is because tooling for plastics is often expensive and plastic parts are not as durable as metal. Good plastic design can reduce mold costs significantly and insure that parts have the proper strength they need.

Manufacturing process of plastic injection moulding

Injection molding manufacturing process:

Injection molding is one of the main methods by which parts are manufactured from plastic. The first step in the injection molding process is to feed plastic pellets into the hopper, which then feeds the pellets into the barrel. The barrel is heated and contains a reciprocating screw or a ram injector. A reciprocating screw is typically found in machines that produce smaller parts. The reciprocating screw crushes the pellets, making it easier for the plastic to be liquefied. Toward the front of the barrel, the reciprocating screw propels the liquefied plastic forward, thereby injecting the plastic through a nozzle and into the empty mold. Unlike the barrel, the mold is kept cool to harden the plastic into the correct shape. The mold plates are held closed by a large plate (referred to as a movable platen). The movable platen is attached to a hydraulic piston, which puts pressure on the mold. Clamping the mold shut prevents plastic from leaking out, which would create deformities in the finished pieces.

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