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There are many kinds of sheet metal forming technology, which are in the stage of high-speed development. With the continuous expansion of the application range, there are high requirements for its quality. The materials in the forming process also start to turn into various new ethylene materials. Although the steel used at the beginning is easy to obtain, it is too brittle to be processed at high temperature. Now, various resin materials used are very good The application of new materials can improve the quality of plate processing. In the process of processing, software is used to improve the processing process.

sheet metal forming technology

About sheet metal forming technology:

Sheet metal forming technology mainly relies on strong pressure and mold to make it into the shape we want, adding the materials needed in the press, and pressurizing it. At present, we usually use the hot pressing method to connect the high-temperature heated mold and then cool it for forming. In the process of hot pressing the materials, we need to pay attention to it, because the materials may have their own characteristics It leads to molding failure, so we should control the change of pressure and temperature while hot pressing the material, which has certain requirements for the material to be hot pressed. Hot pressing requires the material to have certain memory and ductility, and the change of the material will bring changes in its technology. At present, the materials we use for forming are various polymer resins Materials, and its application field is very wide, because it has the advantages of easy processing, low cost, high utilization rate of materials, in mechanical processing, hardware and other aspects need to use this technology.

Present situation:

At present, the sheet metal forming technology is in the stage of rapid development, and the processing capacity of materials is also gradually rising. The commonly used material is ethylene, which is an excellent resin material with good softness and thermoplasticity. It can be processed well in the high temperature environment. Our sheet metal forming technology cannot be separated from the material with excellent performance. Ethylene is hot pressed Shape of excellent materials, can withstand high temperature and pressure, but also has a very good impact resistance.

Future development:

The technology of sheet metal forming products prototyping is inseparable from the choice of materials. Materials with excellent performance can make the forming process more smooth. In the later development process, we need to find more new materials with excellent performance. China actively promotes the urbanization construction. With the development of urbanization construction, large-scale real estate construction projects and consumer demand, more sheets are needed Construction. The demand of plate industry will continue to grow, and there are thousands of plate enterprises in our country, and the pressure of competition is very huge. Because there are too many small and medium-sized enterprises, it will lead to price competition, and the quality of plate can not be guaranteed very well.

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