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Lightning protection and grounding requirements for the power supply system of sheet metal hardware stamping parts? Let senior people in sheet metal stamping parts manufacturer tell you. The power supply equipment of the data center computer room should be satisfied with the rules, specifications and relevant specifications for the lightning shock resistance target. The communication screens and rectifiers of sheet metal hardware stamping equipment should be provided with graded protective equipment.

The communication power supply system of hardware stamping sheet metal parts system should use three-phase five-wire power supply. Sheet metal hardware stamping parts system should be equipped with a dedicated UPS, the power line should be metal sheathed or insulated sheathed cable through the steel pipe buried in the data center room, the power cable metal sheath or steel pipe should be firmly grounded at both ends. Low-voltage power cables entering the data center's equipment room should be introduced into the equipment room from the ground. Lightning arresters should be installed at the power cable's entrance into the distribution box of the equipment room. The normal uncharged metal of the power supply equipment of the computer room and the grounding terminal of the lightning arrester should be grounded for maintenance. It is strictly forbidden to perform zero maintenance.

For cnc machining manufacturer, the production of metal stamping parts, reasonable technology is an effective means to reduce costs. Because the rationalization of the process can reduce the cost of molds, save processing time, and reduce material costs, the total cost of machining parts must be reduced.

1. Reduce material costs;


2. Increase production speed;


3. Improve operator safety;


4. Stamping products have high precision and stable performance.

In the production of metal stamping parts, there are several methods to prevent or reduce the damage of stamping parts, and usually pay attention to the maintenance of stamping parts. The following 6 methods are suggested.

1. For sliding windows with a width exceeding 1 meter, or double-glazed doors and windows, double pulleys or movable pulleys should be used.


2. The models, specifications and functions of the hardware accessories should conform to the current national standards and relevant regulations, and match the selection of plastic steel doors and windows.


3. The sliding support hinge shall not be made of aluminium machining alloy material, but shall be made of stainless steel.

4. For installing hardware with fastening screws, a metal lining must be installed inside. The thickness of the lining should be at least twice the tooth pitch of the fastener. Do not fasten to plastic profiles or use non-metallic linings.


5. Hardware accessories should be installed last. Doors and windows locks, handles, etc. should be assembled after the windows and doors are fanned into the frame to ensure accurate positions and flexible switching.


6. Pay attention to maintenance after installation of sheet metal hardware parts to prevent rust and corrosion. In daily use, lightly close and lightly open to prevent hard closing and hard opening, causing damage. There is no noise, there is the current nylon wheel. It is not only no noise when pushed and pulled, but also smoother, lighter, and the service life is not shorter than the various pulleys above. To make the (door) and window normal, stable operation requires the (door) ) Choose a high-quality pulley from the window. Inferior pulley from the surface, the workmanship is relatively rough. There is no smoothness. Sliding is not flexible, small and light.

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