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High Quality Plastic Molding Injection Parts For OEM Design

Specification: 1-130 USD/PIECE
Use Parts: 10 PIECE
Supply Ability: 80000 PIECE
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
TypePlastic injection
Material Capabilities ABS, PC, NYLON, PE, PA(Nylon)
Place of Origin (Mainland)China
Model NumberOEM
Surface treatmentElectro-plating, powder coating,
Delivery TimeDepends on your design

OEM Plastic Molding Injection Parts Details:

Certification: ISO 9001

Engaged in OEM order and support low, medium and high volume qty order

Manufacturing capability: Metal stamping, Punching, Precision machining, 

Die casting, Plastic injection molding, Assembly, Mould fabrication etc. .

Material available: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper,

zinc alloy or based on your requirements

Tolerance capability: ±0.001mm

Surface finishing available: Polishing, Anodizing, Hard anodizing, Galvanized, ENP,  chrome plating, powder coating, chemical film  and painting or custom surface.

Quality control: Internal inspection, Third party inspection or customers inspect by themselves.

OEM order: parts can be made completely based on your specifications such as 2D&3D drawings, custom design, sample.

precision plastic injection molding machine energy saving:

The energy saving of an injection moulding machine can be divided into two parts: one is the power part and the other is the heating part.

Power saving: Most of the inverters are used. The energy saving method is to save the residual energy of the motor. For example, the actual power of the motor is 50Hz, and you only need 30Hz in production to produce enough. The excess energy consumption is vain. Wasted, the inverter is to change the power output of the motor to achieve energy saving.

Energy saving in heating part: Most of the energy saving in heating is energy saving by electromagnetic heater, and the energy saving rate is about 30%-70% of the old resistor ring.

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